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Like those wretched Crimean soldiers who ate their boots for want of other sustenance, today’s booksellers are obliged to wrap their dentures around the most unsavoury fare in order to survive. In the manner of courtly food tasters, our duty is to sort the edifying from the indigestible, the exquisite truffle of a text or cerebral beef on the bone, from those genetically-modified pink blancmanges wobbling around most bookshops.


With a firm grasp both of publishers’ lapels and the judicious reader’s needs, we seek to ensure that none of our offerings rots the brain, turns the stomach or induces the embarrassing wind which follows ingestion of many literary and philosophical works. The feast spread across these pages is guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning and catholic palate, leaving you pleasantly sated at minimal cost. So, no need to microwave those hobnails just yet.

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