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There should be a natural decorum in the opening and closing of books, but the headstrong modern reader is often puffed up with an infinitude of notions devoid of all sense. We bark at our fellows with endless uncouth chatter, sprinkling the precious volume with sputtering saliva. Worse, we lie on our backs with arms folded, supplementing our brief study with a long nap and creasing pages to their no small detriment.


It is right that we smooth out the wrinkles before they take hold, remove any residue of rocket salad from endpapers and see to it that no sooty scullion or blubbering child turns over a clean new leaf. Our intent must be to provide an antidote to bibliophilic discombobulation, to promote a return to those bygone fundamentals which once made reading such a joy. ‘Pish!’ to the mucky ones, who view books with the same interest whether they are upside-down or right-side up.

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