The Shape of the Church

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Michael Ramsey’s archiepiscopate from 1961 to 1974 saw profound renegotiations of the relationship of the Church of England with its own flock, with the nation more widely, with the Anglican church worldwide and with the other Christian churches. Drawing from unique material in the Lambeth Palace Library archives and reproducing many original writings of Ramsey for the first time, this book explores key questions which surround Ramsey’s tenure. How did Ramsey react to the rapid hollowing-out of the regular constituency of the church while at the same time seeing sweeping changes in the manner in which the church tried to minister to its members? What was his role in the widening of the church’s global vision, and the growing porousness of its borders with other denominations? And how did the nature of the role of archbishop as figurehead change in this period?

. . . a fine contribution to the understanding of an era as well as of a man. ROWAN WILLIAMS