The King Who Made Scotland

225pp 38 COLOUR PLATES 5 MAPS 2004 OUT OF PRINT (P) B535



David I, son of Malcolm III and brother-in-law to Henry I, came to the Scottish throne in 1124. Most scholars acknowledge that ïsomething revolutionaryÍ took place during David's reign, although historians disagree on many of his motives and the degree of success he achieved. This book not only reassesses David's reputation, but presents an insightful history of his reign and policies, how he imposed authority in Scotland, countered his rivals, and embarked on a strong foreign policy while modernising and reforming at home. Oram looks closely at the achievements and failures of David's reign and gives us a better understanding of what it meant for the history of Scotland. His reputation, which swings from a pious, charitable saint to a brutal aggressor, is discussed in the final chapter.