Medicine, Magic and Mission at the End of Time

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Theophrastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541), better known as Paracelsus, was a physician, natural magician, radical activist of the early Reformation, and commentator on the social and religious issues of his day. Drawing on the whole range of relevant manuscript and printed sources, Webster considers Paracelsus' life and works, explores his advocacy for total reform of the clerical, legal and medical professions, and describes his precise expectations for the Christian church of the future, focusing on his affinity with the spiritualist Anabaptists. The author concludes with the apocalyptic speculations of Paracelsus, who vividly portrayed the sense of eschatological crisis that constituted one of the defining characteristics of his era.

. . . the best English-language biography of Paracelsus. TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT