Virtue and Reward

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Richard Hoggart has been the most affectionately acknowledged British intellectual of the past sixty years. His great classic, The Uses of Literacy, provided for working-class readers a wholly recognisable and tender account of their own coming-to-maturity and of the preciousness and hardships of the life of the poor in pre-World War II Britain. But he was far more than narrator of a neglected class. Hoggart was also a public figure of extraordinary energy and eminence. He dominated the single most important Royal Commission on broadcasting, and he is remembered as clinching for the defence the publication of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, after which he became a leading officer of the international agency protecting the culture of the world, UNESCO. This is the first biography of this amazing man.

A heart-warming salutation . . . It is difficult to come away from this biography without feeling renewed admiration for its subject. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT