King and Conqueror

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1066 is the most famous date in English history. On 14 October, on Senlac Hill near Hastings, a battle was fought that changed the face of England forever. Over the next twenty years, Norman culture was imposed on England, and English politics and society were radically reshaped. But how much is really known about William 'the Conqueror', the Norman duke who led his men to victory in what was to be the last successful invasion of England? Hagger here takes a fresh look at William – his life and leadership. As king, he spent much of his reign threatened by rebellion and invasion. In response, he ordered castles and strongholds to be built across the land – a symbol of the force with which he defended his realm and which, along with Domesday Book, England's first public record, attest to a powerful legacy. This book provides a rounded portrait of one of England's greatest rulers.
. . . a good up-to-date appraisal . . . The passages on feasts and dress are notably informative. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW