The People Who Lived and Worked in the Early Town of Westminster, 1066-1307

444pp 31 ILLUS (12 COLOUR) 2006 OUT OF PRINT H417



Within 250 years of the Norman invasion of England in 1066, a small village at Westminster was completely transformed into a twofold urban centre - of royal government and of churchly wealth and power. The Westminster Circle is a graphic history of this early town and its abbey. It shows how the lives of Westminster lay people were shaped by the aims, actions and laws of their new kings. Traders flourished, the population grew rapidly, lands changed hands more often, and commercial activity expanded. It also tells of the actions and influence of the powerful abbots at the new abbey and contrasts these urban scenes with those in the abbey’s two nearby rural manors of Eye and Hampstead. The colour plates include three maps drawn at the Museum of London and five pictures by David Gentleman. Also included are drawings (rarely seen in print) by the medieval monk-historian Matthew Paris.