The Essential Essays, 1968-2002

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Rather than shunning popular tastes, the late Clive James sought to mould them. He wrote as lucidly and intelligently about daytime television, Marilyn Monroe and lurid romance novels as about poetry, fiction, history and philosophy. Moreover, he was a brilliant stylist, so perceptive (and trenchantly funny) that he often renders the twisted cultural terrain of the twentieth century far more accessible than it is generally portrayed elsewhere. Whether commenting on Seamus Heaney or Randall Jarrell, D H Lawrence or James Agee, or the filmmakers Fellini and Bogdanovich, these essays will delight readers with their wide-ranging energy and critical aplomb. The collection includes James’s classic essays ‘Nabokov’s Grand Folly’, ‘On Auden’s Death’ and ‘Primo Levi’s Last Will and Testament’.