Congratulations! I honestly think that your website could be entered for an award for the aesthetics of its layout, colour, tone, etc and ease of use.  I have already referred several friends to the site, on the basis of 'this is how it should be done'. ABC is a very impressive business. Every time I receive your news-sheet I invariably find myself buying one or two books from it, despite the imposed frugality of the times.  A great selection of books at prices substantially below Amazon.
AS, Birmingham

To the crew of the wonderfully manoeuvrable vessel ABC ('A Born Conqueror'?).  A few hardtacks [a box of home-cooked biscuits] and my congratulations -- and a fair wind!
KK, Denmark

I don’t know how your incredible Spring catalogue came amongst the chaos on my three desks . . . It almost went into the bin (‘too much stuff, too much stuff’ she cried!) but it caught my eye and instead went with me to the bathroom and there -- lo! -- I read your plea to buy with the suggestion that he who limps is still walking, which is just how I feel right now. So I laughed -- and bought (‘too many books, too many bloody books’ she cries!). It’s great . . . keep them coming and keep them just as daft, however they arrive.
AB, Oxford

The Presiding Genius, Academic Book Collection
Dear Sir,
My order, which I faxed to you yesterday morning, was delivered to me here today before 10am. Not since George Eliot sent her proofs back and forth from Europe to London has literature moved so fast. Thank you for a superb service.
AA, Hereford

You never cease to amaze me! I placed this order yesterday and the books arrived at 3.30 this afternoon. Thank you very much. What a service! Incidentally, I really like the musings at the bottom of the front page of your catalogues. I tried to write something witty but have decided to bow to your superior abilities.
SM, Belfast

It would greatly diminish my life if your catalogues were to disappear. Where else, among the rubbish that comes through my letterbox, would I find such wit and erudition? . . . Your descriptions of the books are always a joy and even when I don’t buy I see so many books I would like to buy, if only I had the time to read them. Please continue to send me your catalogues and I promise to buy as much as I can (even if my bookshelves are groaning).
CC, Bradford-on-Avon

I welcome the opportunity to purchase expensive books at more realistic prices . . . I think you provide an excellent service as I do not have ready access to academic books at reasonable prices where I live. Thank you for many years of reading pleasure.
JB, Harrogate

I must congratulate you on breathtakingly efficient delivery of the order paid for over the 'phone on Friday 31st January. You confirmed despatch at 12.37 that day and informed me at 16.19 that it would be delivered on Monday 3rd February by DPD and giving me the opportunity to track it. I received notice by e-mail this morning at 9.20 that the delivery was scheduled to take place between 11.12 and 12.12 and a very courteous young man delivered it at about 11.26. I went to my computer to send you a congratulatory e-mail but before I could finish writing it I received confirmation from you by e-mail that the delivery had taken place! I've never experienced anything so swift. I will be forwarding this e-mail to another supplier of books because my experience of your efficiency should be of interest to them.
RB, Maldon, Essex

Please keep sending me your catalogue, although I’m afraid I have been flagrantly wicked over the past year. I find that there are often so many good books in your lists that my wife and I quarrel violently over which to choose – and go for solitary walks instead!
RC, Somerset

Just a line to say how pleased I was with the two books I bought from you fairly recently . . . I really enjoyed both very much. I am an elderly lady of 80, living alone, so I would not have bought either of the books at their original price! I have to restrain myself when your list arrives. You do an excellent job.
EK, Winchester

I brighten up your life? You brighten up mine, you mean! Of course I shall order again – lots and lots I hope. And stop offering small inducements at once! Your service is far too good to need it. Buy yourself some bottles instead . . . I am pleased to say I have hundreds and hundreds of books, but I’m doing my bit and have managed to reduce my husband’s to about five. He’s an easygoing sort of chap and agreed – under minimal pressure – to take boxes of his books to a charity shop . . . I have told him he can read mine. I thought this pretty fair-minded – but then we all have to make sacrifices, don’t we, and I’m talking about myself here. I hope my order will mollify you to the extent that you will not remove my name from your mailing list but, instead, remove me from your blacklist of tight-fisted ingrates or unread tightwads – perhaps you have both. Thank you, and thank you for being you.
JMB, Suffolk

I like your books, but I love your sense of humour!
TA, Milford Haven

Your explanation does meet my rather petulant expression of complaint and your trouble in responding thereto, rather than brushing it aside, makes me regret my previous hard thoughts. Thank you again for your disarming frankness and no less for your generosity in the credit . . . Lang may your lum reek!
RS, Newton Abbot

I like the eclectic quality of your catalogue and enjoy finding old gems I’ve missed . . . I very much appreciate the human approach of your company and the fact that you are not an inertia selling organisation.
DH, London

These are the sort of books that are more expensive than your average paperback anyway, and are unlikely to be subject to mass-market price cutting, so the siren sound of ‘cheap academic books’ really caught my attention . . . A range of well respected publishers seem to use this catalogue, including Oxford University Press, Routledge and Macmillan. Not just for the specialist, there is generally a good range of ‘interested public’ level titles . . . Their customer service is excellent – I have ordered from them on four occasions now and had everything sent correctly and promptly . . . It might seem like an obvious candidate to be automated into a website, but I like receiving the chatty and informative catalogue . . . Overall an excellent service.
Advantages: good selection, discount prices. Rating *****
Ciao! (internet shopping guide)

I have spent all morning choosing books from your lovely catalogue and would have bought more if I could afford it . . . Keep up the good work. Do nothing rash!
SS, Leeds

What I require is more book space: shelves throughout the house are straining under the weight. Also needed urgently is more time to read new and re-read old books. To increase the temptation, therefore, please supply both space and time when sending your next catalogue. Thank you.
MGR, Lowestoft

I very much appreciate your excellent service. The catalogues alone make brilliant reading and give the feel of a group of enthusiasts enjoying what they do. I would very much miss your delightful and revivifying introductions . . .
NE, Norwich

On receiving ABC’s list of delights . . . I go through the issue, tick items I’d like, fill in the order form and then, with a sense of achievement, relax. Only about once in three issues do I complete the operation and receive the blessed books . . . You probably have people on your mailing list who get similar pleasure from your lists, alas. But I imagine you realise you are providing a social service as well as running a business. I thank you for that – and for once offering me credit when I asked for it.
JH, Edinburgh

Thank you for allowing those who live abroad the privilege of being served as if they live next to you.
ELT, Switzerland

Unfortunately all the books in your list that I find interesting and desirable are already on my shelves. This has meant that I have paid more for them than I now know that I need have done; but I was not to know this at the time; and it was impossible to know how soon or how cheaply they would come on your lists.
FS, Oxford

I find your catalogue always includes the esoteric and specific-interest topics that I would not normally come across in my usual browsing. I also like your inclusion of much older titles, which are nearly all better than the new stuff. Keep up the good work!
GJ, Manchester

I wish I had known of ABC years ago! I find your catalogues informative, fascinating, attractive and amusing. However you develop, do keep the personal touch and element of humour – these will win you more (paying) friends than any unnecessary attempt at slickness.
KG, Stroud