A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day

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For the author, everything was created in the West Indies. Europe’s financial foundations were cemented and extended with sugar money; its factories and mills were built from the toil of slaves thousands of miles away; the idea of true equality was espoused in the Saint-Domingue uprising in the 1790s; and even globalisation was foreshadowed in the region hundreds of years before the term was coined, with ships passing to and fro taking people and goods in all possible directions. From Cuba to Haiti, and from Jamaica to Trinidad, the story of the Caribbean is not simply one of slaves and masters -- but of fortune-seekers, scientists and servants, travellers and tourists. It is not only a narrative of imperial expansion but of global connections, and also of life as it is lived in the islands, both in the past and today.
. . . vivid and thought-provoking. SPECTATOR