The First Year of the Korean War

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In the summer of 1950, British and Australian troops were dispatched to fight with UN forces in the savage struggle against communism in Korea. After both triumph and tragedy, 27th Brigade – the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the Middlesex battalions, soon joined by the Royal Australians – spearheaded the UN drive north. But across the border, in a shock counter-offensive, China stormed south. In a desperate action, 27th Brigade fought its way out of the trap to join the UN Command. Surrounded by eight enemy divisions in terrain higher than Monte Cassino and temperatures colder than Stalingrad, 41 Commando fought alongside US Marines at Chosinza Reservoir and escaped annihilation by a hair's breadth.

A compelling tale that explains the camaraderie of small units in war but doesn't shy away from the visceral if sometimes exhilarating experience of high-intensity conflict. BBC HISTORY