The Untold Story of Europe’s Twentieth Century

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This study presents a totally new history of the twentieth century, with the city at its heart, showing how everything distinctive about it, from revolution and dictatorship to sexual liberation, was fundamentally shaped by great urban centres. It makes a powerful case for the centrality of place in modern experience; 'where' things happen, the author argues, matters every bit as much as 'what' and 'why'. With a keen eye for detail he enables us to sense what it was like to inhabit the streets, factories, dance-halls and homes of cities like Berlin, Moscow and Manchester. New forms of privacy and isolation were not simply a by-product of prosperity, but developed because people planned new ways of living, new forms of housing in suburbs and estates across the continent.
. . . condenses a prodigious amount of historical scholarship with impressive economy and judiciousness. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT