Traffics and Discoveries from Burma to Brazil

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Rudyard Kipling is the doyen of travel writers. His genius for evoking the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a place was crystallised in his fiction, in which he introduced Victorian readers to the drama and exoticism of the East. The teaming, dusty Grand Trunk Road springs to life from the pages of Kim, while the misty heights of imperial Simla provide an identifiable and almost tangible physical background to Plain Tales from the Hills. Kipling's poetry, journalism and letters also encapsulate the spirit of the places he visited, from Egypt, India and Brazil to the United States and Southern Africa. This book, edited by the author of an acclaimed biography of Kipling, captures the range, curiosity and sheer talent of one of our best-loved authors.

There is scarcely a single piece that isn't worth reading. Kipling's keen observation and gift for illuminating phrase are everywhere apparent. LITERARY REVIEW