A Mediterranean Trilogy
Vol 1: Alexandria Vol 2: Venice Vol 3: Istanbul

3 VOLS 846pp ILLUS & MAPS 2008 LIST PRICE: £38.97 E339



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Combining history and travel narrative, these volumes recount Woodsworth’s journeys around the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, the sea which gave birth to western civilisation. This sea, he says, should not be seen as an empty space surrounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, but as a continent in its own right, a place from whose coastlines people look not outwards, to this country or that capital, but inwards over the water to each other. The Mediterranean has its own culture, its own life, its own way of being. Setting out from Alexandria, he discovers hidden corners of Venice, before arriving at Istanbul, where he installs himself in a former Benedictine monastery. In all these places he finds traces of a vibrant and cosmopolitan heritage, and asks what these cities and their inhabitants owe to the sea.

A Mediterranean trilogy to cherish. GUARDIAN