Photography by MASSIMO LISTRI



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Through great wooden doors, up spiralling staircases and along shelf-lined corridors, we here glory in the world’s oldest and finest private, public, educational and monastic libraries, dating as far back as 766. Between them, these medieval, classical, baroque, rococo and nineteenth-century institutions hold some of the most precious records of human thought and deed, inscribed and printed in manuscripts, volumes, papyrus scrolls and incunabula. In each, the photographs capture the library’s unique atmosphere, as much as their most prized holdings and design details. Listri’s 30-year journey encompassed the papal collections of the Vatican Apostolic Library, Trinity College Library and the holdings of the Laurentian Library in Florence, the private library of the House of Medici, designed by Michelangelo. With meticulous descriptions accompanying each library, we learn not only of their holdings -- from which highlights are illustrated -- but also of their often turbulent or controversial pasts.
Listri’s meticulous attention to minutiae and details is exquisite. One can practically smell the dust on these ancient books. ARTOLOGY