How the Elites Betrayed Britain

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The people who know best, the snooterati with their faux-liberal ways, are the targets of this book. Their downfall is largely of their own making -- their Sybaritic excesses, an obsession with political correctness, the prolonged rape of reason and rite. You’ll find these self-indulgent show-ponies not just in politics and the cloistered old institutions but also in high fashion, football, among the clean-eating foodies and at the Baftas and Oscars, where celebritydom hires PR smoothies to massage reputations, mislead and distort. Letts identifies these condescending creeps and their networks, their methods and their dubious morals. Richard Branson, Emma Thompson, Shami Chakrabarti, Sir Philip Green, Lily Allen, Jean-Claude Juncker and any head waiter who calls you ‘young man’ -- this one’s for you.
. . . a tonic for those who look about them and feel an insuperable sense of defeat. THE TIMES