Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil

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A book which begins with the sentence 'Evil makes us human' must surely compel attention; and this is no ordinary account of what is usually meant by the problem of evil. Instead, Kahn's aim is to explore the nature of evil itself, with the Genesis story of the Fall as the starting point for a profound articulation of the human condition. He examines the nature of evil as rage created within a being fundamentally torn between the idea of himself as an image of an infinite God and the knowledge that he will someday die. Kahn argues against Hannah Arendt’s theory of the banality of evil, suggesting that the modern world fails to explain evil and instead explains it away. He posits that evil is the result of mankind’s ceaseless flight from death, and that the opposite of evil is not good but love.

A rich and fascinating book full of unusual conjunctions and insights. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT