How We Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God

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Since Nietzsche roundly declared that 'God is dead' in 1882, a raft of reflective and courageous individuals has devoted their creative energies to devising ways to live without Him, turning instead to invention, enthusiasm, hope, wit and above all various forms of self-reliance. Watson here offers a sweeping narrative of the secular philosophers and poets, psychologists and other scientists, painters and playwrights, novelists and even choreographers who have forged a bold path in the absence of religious belief. He explores how atheism has evolved, and gained unprecedented popularity as it has sought to replace an unknowable God in the Afterlife.
I recommend this book to anyone who needs to know what the loss of religious faith has meant to the high culture of our civilisation and what, if anything, we might do about it . . . [it] covers a whole century of intellectual endeavour as lightly as it can. ROGER SCRUTON