Edited by ANDREW DOW
384pp 2009 OUT OF PRINT (P) R279




This is a compendium of quotations about railways from 1608 to the present day. It includes more than 3,400 entries drawn from the work of more than 1,300 writers and speakers and a wide range of British and American sources: Acts of Parliament, poetry, songs, journals, advertisements, obituaries, novels, histories, plays, films, office memoranda, speeches, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, and private documents and conversations. Dow records remarkable, memorable words – from the well-known to the abstruse, from the commonplace to the vital. Quotations are arranged by subject matter and searchable by speaker, subject and keywords.

Hours of unexpected delight . . .  Dow delivers several good laughs and does not flinch from indecorous language or from mentioning acts that are usually passed over in silence. RAILROAD HISTORY