The Twilight World of Britain’s Most Enigmatic Animal

400pp 2013 OUT OF PRINT N117



Britain is the home of the badger – there are more per square kilometre in this country than in any other. And yet many of us have never seen one alive and in the wild; they are nocturnal creatures who vanish into their labyrinthine underground setts at the first hint of a human. Here, Barkham follows in the footsteps of his badger-loving grandmother, to meet the feeders, farmers and scientists who know their way around Badgerlands: the mysterious world in which these distinctively striped creatures snuffle, dig and live out their complex social lives. As the debate over the badger cull continues, Barkham weighs the evidence on both sides of the argument and delves
into the rich history of the badger – from their prehistoric arrival in Britain and their savage persecution over the centuries, to Kenneth Grahame's fictional creation in Wind in the Willows.

A charming book. A must read for all Britain’s naturalists. CHRIS PACKHAM