The Animal Way of Death

256pp ILLUS 2012 OUT OF PRINT N113



How does the animal world deal with death? And what ecological and spiritual lessons can we learn from examining such matters? Heinrich has long been fascinated by these questions, and when a friend with a terminal illness asked if he might have his ‘green burial’ at Heinrich's hunting camp, it inspired the biologist to investigate. This book is the result, illuminating what happens to animals great and small after death. From beetles to bald eagles, ravens to wolves, Heinrich reveals the mostly hidden post-death world that occurs around us constantly, while examining the ancient and important role we too play as scavengers.

Despite focusing on death and decay, Life Everlasting is far from morbid; instead, it is life-affirming . . . convincing the reader that physical demise is not an end to life, but an opportunity for renewal. NATURE